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Scam Alert from Graphic and Design companies.

Scam Alert from Graphic and Design companies.

Another week, another Scam. This time spreading, most probably, a worm or some virus.

This time we bring you that classic “Invoice” scam.

The email

Fake Invoice Scam example

If you check the link the “View Invoice” button points to you will notice that it is some random domain, totally different from the name of the company.

The link ultimately points to a file to download that looks like this:

Whatever you do, do not click any of the links or unsubscribe options in the email.

What to do next?

You have two options

  1. Delete it straight away.
  2. Report it.

Reporting the email

Luckily, the scammer is using to send the email. That means that the mass mailing company can trace the email and block the offender.

Report abuse to mailchimp abuse desk here. It will literary take you 10 seconds to do the report.

You will need the full email headers for the report. If you using it is easy to get the email headers.

Click the tiny arrow as indicated and the email headers will be displayed.

How to find email headers in roundcube

Written by:  - 5 Mar, 2018  
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