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How do I post as myself on our company facebook page?

How do I post as myself on our company facebook page?

Most Facebook page managers does not seem to realise they can post and like as themselves to their company Facebook page. In this tutorial we going to take a look at how to do just that.

So you have been added as an Administrator of some sorts to your company Facebook page.

That is all very nice but the problem is that “by default” all your actions on the company Facebook page will be “as the page” and not as yourself.

Acting as company rep on facebook company page

As you can see in the image above your likes and comments will be on behalf of the company or page.

What you want in order to post, comment or like something is for the screen to look like this;

Post as yourself on facebook company page

What most administrators miss is this small down arrow right here;

Select who to post as

Click that arrow to see who you can interact with facebook as…

View who you can interact to facebook as

In my case I am co-administrating a number of pages and can post on the XMS Systems Facebook Page as any of those listed in the dropdown.

Once I clicked on “Fred Mac Donald (You)” the icons and thumbs will change to reflect me as the poster.

Select user to inteact as on any facebook page

There is currently no way, that I know of, to set yourself as the default in Facebook pages. You will have to make this selection every time you want to interact with the page as yourself.

Interact with other pages my company page has liked.

The same principle can be used to interact with other pages your company page has liked. In this case it is very handy to get your company in front of that page’s visitors by reacting as your page on their posts

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