Mathematical and Science Equation Editor

Mathematical and Science Equation Editor

Mathematical and Science equation editor in XMS Systems

By special requests we now have the functionality to add mathematical and science equations to the articles and exam modules.

This will be activated on requests only as it breaks some of the other functions of the editor.

This can be a bit tricky to use but with perseverance you will be able to add any type of equation.

Here are a couple of examples.

\textstyle \sum_{k=1}^N k^2

dy/dx, \operatorname{d}\!y/\operatorname{d}\!x, {dy \over dx}, {\operatorname{d}\!y\over\operatorname{d}\!x}, {\partial^2\over\partial x_1\partial x_2}y

\surd, \sqrt{2}, \sqrt[n]{}, \sqrt[3]{x^3+y^3 \over 2}

\int_{1}^{3}\frac{e^3/x}{x^2}\, dx

To enter your equations place your cursor where you want to add the equation then click the Fx button to open the equation editor.

The following screen will open up and in this screen shot I have entered a formula.

XMS Systems Math and Science Equation Editor

The plugin is powered by CodeCogs and generated images are hosted by them as well.

Help for building a formula can be found here

If you don’t have this plugin enabled in your editor, you can access the equation generator here and download the images to your own website and insert them as usual.

We do not support the usage of the plugin but will give it our best shot to help you out if you get stuck

Written by:  - 3 Aug, 2017  
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