Configuring the Training and Exam Module

Configuring the Training and Exam Module

Configuring the XMS Systems Training and Exam Module, create "Training Groups" and related training material and exams

Up till this point in the module development, there is no special configuration needed to implement the XMS Systems Training and Exam Module. Every step in setting up a course builds on the previous actions.

Basically, the module is split up into 3 sections and combined makes up the complete training and exam module.

  1. Training Groups
    This is where you define a course, the articles, files, final exams and enrolled students belonging to it.
  2. Exam Questions
    This is where you going to define the questions and answers for each course. The more questions you have per course the better your training evaluation is going to be. Questions are selected on a random basis every time an exam/test is accessed. So the more questions you have the smaller the possibility that two students will have exactly the same test.
  3. Exams
    This is where you define the actual exam/test. You have the option to make any test available as a “practise test” or “Final Test”. You define the number of questions per test and the maximum time allowed per test.

Regardless whether you going to use the complete module and all its different options or just the exam module. Your first task is to define the “Training Groups”. The group names are used as a reference in all the different sections of the module.

Defining the Course names

Initially, you only going to add a “Course Name” to the group with no articles, files or exams allocated. In the meantime, your training officer will be using the “XMS Systems Article Module” to add training material. These training material/articles will later be added to the specific Training Groups. Read more...

Adding Exam Questions

Once you have your Course Names (Training Groups) defined you can proceed to add your exam questions. You will find that the “Exam Type” the question belongs to is the names defined in the “Training Groups” The tests are multiple choice with a maximum of 5 options the student can choose from.

This should keep you busy for a while. Remember the more questions you add per course, the better your results are going to be, Read more…

Defining Exams and Managing results

Once you have enough questions added to your database you are ready to define your exams and practice tests. Depending on these settings exams results might be available to all your visitors and or only available to authenticated members at some level. Read more...

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