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Facebook auto-reports content in groups

Facebook auto-reports content in groups

When a group member posts something that might be inappropriate or offensive, group admins may automatically be notified to review and manage the post.

I am not sure if this is a new functionality and the start of Facebooks attempt at preventing fake news and hopefully spam but I seen this today for the first time appear in a group that I co-manage.

Facebook Auto Report

This person has made a posting in the group with content that has absolutely no relevance to the general content in the group. And as you can see Facebook automatically reported the post to admin with the options to approve, delete or delete and block the poster.

If you click on the “Auto-reported” link you will get some more information about the functionality.

Would it be to much to ask if I say “I hope Facebook rolls this out to the seat of the site...”. Just maybe I will be active on the social part of Facebook again instead of just managing business pages and using the Facebook messenger.

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