Manage Scheduler types specifically for use with the XMS Systems Tours Manager

Manage Scheduler types specifically for use with the XMS Systems Tours Manager

This section is part of the Scheduler and Bookings module but specifically for use with managing "Day Trip" bookings with the Tours Manager.

A recent improvement in the Tours Manager allows for “Day Trips” to be scheduled and booked using the scheduler module. This allows the client to easily see if you have “trip slots” available on a specific day.

if a booking is already made and accepted by the Tour Operator, the next guest will not be able to make a booking for a specific day. The tour operator has the option to allow for over bookings if the day trip is short or if more than one tour guide is available for any specific trip.

To configure this initially you need to access the Scheduler/Bookings Manager

Without this initial step you will not be able to link your day trip to a schedule and your guests will not be able to check if a slot/day is available. They will have to wait for a response from you to tell them if they can book the trip or not.

Login > Site Dashboard > Manage Site Content > Scheduler/Bookings > Calendar Maintenance > Calendar Bookings Item Management.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “add new”
  • Enter a description similar to the name of the day trip to make it easy to identify the scheduler.
  • Set visible to “Yes”
  • If you accept only one booking per day for this trip, select “Tour Overbook” as “No” and leave the “Max Overbook Slots” as 0 (zero)
  • If you accept more than one booking per day select “Tour Overbook” as “Yes and
  • set “Max Overbook Slots” to the value of extra slots you have available.
    e.g. a value of 1 will allow 2 bookings. 1 normal and one overbooking.
  • Click “insert”

These “extra” scheduler items will not be available as filters on the normal calendar.
For more information see adding booked day trips to your scheduler

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