Setting Financial defaults in XMS Systems

Setting Financial defaults in XMS Systems

Discussing Setting up the Financial part of XMS Systems for General, E-Commerce and Tour Manager. We currently support PayPal, PayFast and EFT with Cash and Postal Orders and Western Union additionally for the E-Commerce.

An integral part of doing business on-line is being able to accept payment in some shape or form that is acceptable to the client and secure.

You will have financial dealings at some level using the following modules

  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Member Buy and Sell Module
  • E-Commerce Module
  • Tour Manager Module

Where applicable variable currency options are available to the client and the exchange rates for these are updated via an automated “cron” running as often as you require. The exchange rates are collected using the “Google Finance” that might be delayed. You have the option to manage your exchange rates manually if required.

Most of the settings are based on the ISO standard for Currency codes and designations.

Default Financial Configuration

Navigate to Admin > Dashboard > Website Configuration > Finances

  • Default Site Currency
    This covers the basic requirements for the Member Subscription Costs, Member Buy and Sell and Tour Manage Module
    Enter your Code e.g. GBP and designator e.g. £
    The default currency for your website can be different from what you are able to accept via PayPal or PayFast for that matter and will most probably be the same currency that you would receive EFT payments in.
  • PayPal Integration
    You will need to configure your PayPal account according to the article you can read here.
    Enter your Code e.g. GBP and designator e.g. £ making 100% sure your PayPal account is configured to receive payment in your chosen currency
  • PayFast Integration for e-commerce
    PayFast is only accepted in South Africa. You have the option to “test” your configuration using the PayFast sandbox as well as a “debug file” to help you (us) find the problem if something doesn’t work.
  • PayFast button Integration for the Tour Manage Module
    For the Tour Manager Module you have a set of buttons that get generated for the client to click to make a payment.
    You will have to add a “My Page” as a return page where the PayFast gateway will “return” your clients to when they are done with their payment.
  • Banking Details (EFT)
    Enter your banking details in the relevant fields. The “Display Bank Details by default” is mainly to do with the e-commerce module and allows you to only “display” your banking details to the clients that choose to make FTP payments.
  • Cheque And Postal Order Details
    These are simply text input ares where you can type in any information relevant to sending cheque and Postal orders. This information would usually include the full names and address of the recipient.
  • Cash and Collect details
    XMS Systems E-Commerce has to option for you to define “Collection Points” where the client can buy online but instead of waiting for the local postal department or courier they can come and collect their goods at points you define. The information you enter here will simply be a note about the collection arrangements and procedures and could be something like the following.
    • You'll be notified by email when your order is ready for collection.
      Once you've received this "It's Arrived" email, please bring it to the store, along with proof of ID  (this could be a credit/debit card, your passport.
  • E-Commerce Currency (Button)
    This button will take you to the E-Commerce configuration section that includes the exchange rates and financial setting specific to the E-Commerce module. Refer to the article on currency exchange rates for information

If you are using the “Tour Manager Module” without the “E-Commerce” module you will still need to configure the E-Commerce Currencies as above.
This allows you international clients to see your prices in any of the international currencies you defined

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