XMS Systems Content Management System User Manual Index

XMS Systems Content Management System User Manual Index

Index to XMS Systems Users Manual indexed by Administration Tabs and most probable sequence of use.

This is a work in progress and will eventually be linked to the relevant articles going into detail on each option

Log into your administration area and click Site Dashboard

  1. Website Configuration

    1. Website Defaults

      1. XMS Systems Licence
        View licence details
      2. General Configuration
        Configure contact details, contact form departments, Integrated Support, Website Time Zone, Website Automated functions (Cron Jobs)
      3. Member Type (under redevelopment)
        Manage member account duration and subscription costs per user defined time period.
      4. Finances
        Define the default currency, manage PayPal and PayFast settings, edit information for cheque, bank transfer, postal orders and “cash and collect” messages
      5. Member Menu
        Manage the member section menu
      6. Front-End Menu
        Manage the website front-end menu
      7. Online Activity
        Enable or disable the option to display the currently logged in users
      8. Page Counter
        Enable or disable the option to display a page counter on every page
      9. System Email
        Manage system emails and add additional emails for use with the Tour ManagerModule
      10. Testimonial Defaults
        Manage the default settings for the testimonial/review module
    2. Look and Feel

      1. Website Banners
        Upload and enable website banners
      2. Website Templates (Under redevelopment)
        Manage the colours used on your website
      3. Site menu (Under redevelopment)
        Manage menu colours
    3. Search Engine Integration

      1. Google Codes
        Manage Google analytics and verification meta tags
      2. Yahoo Integration
        Manage Yahoo verification meta tags
      3. Bing, Microsoft Search Engine
        Manage Bing verification meta tags
      4. Site Maps
        Upload site maps, “ping” search engines to notify of new uploaded site maps. Find additional automatically generated rss feeds that can be submitted to search engines for indexing.
    4. Security

      1. Member Access Levels
        Edit the description of the 21 different access levels and enable to ones being used. View the total number of members allocated a specific access level
      2. Admin Access Levels
        Manage individual administrators access to different admin sections
      3. EU Cookie Directive Settings
        Enable or disable EU Cookie notification
      4. Country Block List
        Edit list of countries that are able to visit your website as well as being available on the registration page
      5. Page Admins
        ​Manage non-administrators that need access to manage certain website pages
    5. Social Networking

      1. Social Links
        Manage social networking links and position of buttons. Manage custom buttons and links
      2. Facebook Integration
        Configure Facebook tools
      3. DISQUS Discussion Tabs
        Manage discussion application for articles, tours and e-commerce products
      4. ADDTHIS Book marking and Sharing
        Manage buttons for sharing articles, tours and e-commerce products
    6. Installed Modules

      1. Photo Gallery Defaults (Superseded)
      2. Article/Blog Module Defaults
        Manage Article/Blog module approval, pdf downloads, commenting, article ordering and article categories
      3. Booking / Scheduler Defaults
        Enable option for virisotrs or registered members to make bookings
      4. Forum Integration Discontinued
      5. Hire and Fly Defaults (Under redevelopment)
      6. Shop Defaults
        Manage default setting for e-commerce including shipping rates, collection points, Free shipping destinations and multiple currency settings
      7. Buy and Sell Defaults
        Manage categories and advertisement expiration dates for Wanted and Offered ads
      8. News Letter Defaults
        Manage newsletter categories/lists names and availability including access levels required to subscribe/read newsletters. Can also see the number of active and inactive subscribers per newsletter list
      9. Tour Manager Module
        Manage terms and conditions, discount parameters, available buttons and commenting as well as manage Tour categories with images and descriptions, ordering and category visibility
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