Configure XMS Systems emails

Configure XMS Systems emails

There are a number of emails sent out to members from various modules. This article describes how to set it up to look professional and allow the member to interact with the email from activating their account to accepting tour proposals.

Sending automated emails is very much part of any website. XMS Systems has a module specifically developed for configuring “Rich Text” html based emails.

Log in to Admin > Site Dashboard > Website Configuration > System E-Mails

XMS Systems system email list

You will see the default emails listed. For the likes of the “Tour Manager Module” you can add additional emails to use for different messages during the proposal and invoicing process. More about that in the “Tour Manager Module” tutorials.

E-Mails you added will have a button to delete them with.

Click one of the “Edit Template” buttons to edit the e-mail

edit XMS Systems email

Editing the email is exactly the same as working on your site pages or writing an article. The only difference is that you will compose your email in a table like in the “old” XMS Systems days. Well exactly like you would compose a newsletter.

In this case to get the system to personalise the email you would use the variable placeholders discussed in the next article. It is important to make sure you enter those variables exactly the right way to make it work. Unfortunately there is no way XMS Systems can verify if you done it correctly. The only way to test the result is to mail it to yourself.

As an example, lets say you want to compose the new member account activation email. To get the email to “inject” the proper login credentials and links you will enter them like below. In this case you would use the variable for both the text and the actual URL

e-mail placeholders

To build the link your client will click to look at their tour proposal enter some anchor text (e.g. “Click here to view your tour proposal”), then highlight the text, click the URL/link icon and enter the URL as in the image below. make sure to change the domain name to your own.

building the tour manager url

Saving the email
  • To save the email as a new e-mail, for the “Tour Manager Module”, replace the name at the top making sure to not add any spaces in the email and make sure to end with .html (note the dot in front ot the html)
  • To ue the email for the “Tour Manager Module” make sure to have the tour_ as the beginning of the email name. In our example tour_demo.html
    Naming XMS Systems Emails
  • To save an email click “Save” at the bottom of the page
  • You will be redirected back to the list of email with the “just edited” email highlighted.
    XMS System Email updated successfully


Make sure the URL to any banner, images and links in your email points to your own domain and not to the default pages as during the installation. We will attempt to make the necessary changes during the installation and configuration of your XMS Systems website but we are human and unfortunately things can be missed.

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