XMS Testimonial Module Overview

XMS Testimonial Module Overview

Overview of the XMS Systems Testimonial Module.

It is a know fact that XMS Systems never intended to develop a Testimonial Module because, lets face it how many of us actually believe those lists of 1000’s of happy customers posted on websites without a way to verify the claims.

Well we came up with a way that would hopefully break the mold with our newly released “XMS Testimonial Module”.

XMS Testimonials Module Client Input form

Screenshot of XMS Systems testimonial Module

  • Seamless integration
  • Responsive design
  • No need for poster to be logged in
  • Can be used for “Testimonials” or “Reviews”
  • Build in links to the product being talked about
  • All entries validated by admin
  • Contactable people behind the entries. (if they select the option at time of posting)
  • Admin can upload logos
  • Wording of rating options can be changed
  • Email to admin when a new testimonial/review are posted.
  • Disabling the entry form, admin can post entries from the backend.
Written by:  - 9 Apr, 2016