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Fixing messed up Skype Login Screen

Fixing messed up Skype Login Screen

After the "latest and greatest" skype upgrade by Microsoft I couldn't log in because the login screen is all messed up. Found this fix and it worked 1st time.

If you like me, depending on Skype for software support and Microsoft messes things up with an update...
Well lets just leave it there, shall we....?

Ok so this is what you see after the upgrade.
Messed up Skype Login screen

I tried different solutions and even changed my password but it seemed like Microsoft wanted to forse me to create yet another "free" account to do something that I have been doing for years now... Have a chat and a bit of banter with my clients while helping them solve some seemingly impossible task using one of the numerous features in XMS Systems to easily accomplish what they set out to do.

After the password change it magically started to work again and I thought my problem was solved.

Today I fired up my pc and noticed skype didn't start, clicked the icon and horror of horrers the same messed up screen faded into view.

Now being a web application developer and all, I quickly realise that the messed up bit is typically what would happen if a css style sheet is missing. But that can not be because the "program" is downloaded and installed as an exe file. Everything should be in there isn't it?

Well I opened my browser determined to find the solution and after a couple of false starts I found a video discussing exactly the css issue and decided to give it a try.

Fixing Skype messed up login screen

  1. Click the windows start icon, type regedit into the field and press enter
    Start regedit
  2. Windows Registry Editor will open up.
    Windows Registry Editor
  3. Double Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  4. Double click SOFTWARE
  5. Double click Classes
  6. Double click .css
  7. You could see a couple of entries
    Editing the classes entries
  8. In my case the "Content Type" entry was missing.
  9. Right click on the righthand side of the screen and click "New", "String Value"
    Add key entry
  10. Enter Content Type into the field and press enter
  11. Double click the new entry and enter text/css and click OK
    Edit registry string
  12. Start your Skype and it should work.

For now this has worked for me. If it stop again I will revisit this article with the next solution.
Somehow I have the feeling I will be back.

Written by:  - 24 May, 2015  
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