Discount Vouchers

Discount Vouchers

Discount Vouchers are useful if you want to sell a product at a discounted price without marketing it as a "Sale" item.
It is normally used to attract new customers by giving out the coupon code for a specific product either via em email invitation or by using social media to promote your website or shop.

Customers are more likely to buy from you if you have active coupon codes flying around on the internet.

XMS Systems E-Commerce module Coupon Module coupons are allocated to a specific stock item for a specific type period. Discount is calculated on a percentage basis. If the visitor view the item without the coupon code they will see the normal selling price. Entering a valid coupon code for that product calculates the discounted price and displays it in the normal "Sale" fashion.

Admin >> Dashboard >> Shopping >> Discount Coupons

XMS E-Commerce Discount Coupons

You are presented with a list of entered coupons

  • Name - Name of the Stock Item
  • Coupon Number - The number the client needs to enter to claim the discount
  • Discount - The discount they will receive for each item bought that qualifies with this code
  • Start - The date this coupon in valid from
  • End - The date this coupon is valid till.

Click "edit" or "add new" to add or edit a coupon.

XMS E-Commerce Discount Coupons Update

  • Select the product from the dropdown list
  • Enter the coupon code - A mixture of number and letters are accepted.
  • The discount value in percntage
  • Start and end date
  • Click "update" to save the coupon.

If a visitor view a product that has a coupon code the item will be displayed as in the image below

XMS E-Commerce Discount Coupons Stock Item

When they enter a valid coupon code the price will be adjusted a in the image below

XMS E-Commerce Discount Coupons entered Stock Item


Written by:  - 12 Jan, 2013